Tủ lạnh toshiba inverter 359 lít gr-ag41vpdz xk


Inverter công nghệ combines Eco mode for energy saving is powerful

The Fridge using Inverter giải pháp công nghệ to operate smoothly và reliable, but the Toshiba GR-AG41VPDZ XK1 refrigerator is also equipped with energy-saving Eco mode, improving monthly electricity savings up to 1/2 for your family.

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The food is cooling uniformly & efficiently lớn the arc cold-air technology

When using this Toshiba refrigerator, you will not worry that food is cooled uniformly & efficiently even without space left, thanks to the modern arc cold-air technology.


The Hybrid Bio antibacterial & deodorizing technology with Ag + silver crystal removes bacteria and unpleasant odors

The Hybrid Biotechnology with enzyme catalyst of the Toshiba GR-AG41VPDZ XK1 refrigerator will prevent bacteria & odors from growing inside. Moreover, when it combines with Ag + silver crystal, which can ensure the freshness of food is enhanced, safer for the health of family members.


Dual Cooling Zone

With Dual Cooling Zone with a large capacity (28.5 liters), you can comfortably store your favorite soft drink cans và quickly get a cool drink on a hot day just in a short time.


Unique with soft freezer feature preserves nutrients for foods

The Toshiba GR-AG41VPDZ XK1 refrigerator equips with a soft freezer that helps to fresh foods (meat, fish, ...) without a freezer, saving nutrients for a food pal. Plus, you don"t need to lớn defrost until cooking anymore, & that"s convenient.


The vegetable compartment keeps humidity for fresh, juicy fruits và vegetables

Designing a large vegetable compartment that effectively holds moisture is a good point for the refrigerator from the Toshiba brand. Thanks to the moisturizing vegetable compartment, you will always enjoy fresh, juicy.

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You can adjust & easily change the position of the shelves khổng lồ suit your needs.

Utility box

Convenience box with Ag + antibacterial material with a separate lid, convenient khổng lồ store drugs, cosmetics, or other items...

Side control panel

Easy lớn see for temperature control without getting clogged when full of food.

Large vegetable compartment

The vegetable compartment handy

The large vegetable compartment is a smart design khổng lồ classify or separate small fruits and vegetables from other vegetables. Also, can flexibly move the stand above others tray.

Increase the capacity of the vegetable compartment

The capacity of the vegetable compartment increases by about 60% khổng lồ help store more food. Besides, the support wheels below make it easy to slide, even when full of vegetables và fruits.

With modern technologies: soft freezer, Dual Cooling Zone, Hybrid Bio antibacterial và deodorizing, the arc cold-air technology, moisturizing vegetable compartment, Inverter combines Eco. The Toshiba refrigerator GR-AG41VPDZ XK1 is the ideal solution for your family"s food preservation.

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