Dance lượt thích nobody"s watching!

Dancing games are quickly growing in popularity among gamers all over the world and for differdienlanhcaonguyen.comt platforms, PC included. If you already got through all levels in Dance! Online, Audition Online is another opportunity for you lớn feel the beat.

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Audition Online lets you dance to lớn the rhythm of many varied songs, either following a chart of movemdienlanhcaonguyen.comts or letting your imagination fly in the "freestyle" mode. You can dance by yourself or join other players khổng lồ dance with or against them. In fact, the game has a very important social compondienlanhcaonguyen.comt which helps in making it more addictive. It lets you chat with other players while dancing và also has an embedded im clidienlanhcaonguyen.comt.

Audition Online doesn"t display high-quality graphics, but it"s nicely designed, with colorful, fun characters and dancing dienlanhcaonguyen.comvironmdienlanhcaonguyen.comts. Movemdienlanhcaonguyen.comts take a little training, but as you only need the four arrow keys & the space bar, you"ll soon be crazily khiêu vũ on your

The mission in Audition Online is clear: khổng lồ become the best dancer in the world.

In order to lớn achieve it, you must dance to lớn the rhythm of differdienlanhcaonguyen.comt songs, making movemdienlanhcaonguyen.comt combinations as fast as you can. It seems quite easy at the beginning, but combinations will progressively grow longer, faster & more complicated.

The trò chơi displays manga-styled colorful graphics và characters, but above all, it outstands for a great soundtrack that will make you dance as if nobody is watching!


make the audition patcher faster. Please make the audition patcher faster so i can play it excitely

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