Lee kwang soo teased by running man members for his post about song joong ki

A morphed photo depicting Lee Kwang-soo as tuy vậy Hye-kyo and song Joong-ki"s daughter.instagram.com/songjoongkionly
Following the wedding announcement of tuy nhiên Joong-ki and tuy vậy Hye-kyo, Lee Kwang-soo posted an old photo of song Joong-ki showing the actor confessing his eternal love for friend Lee Kwang-soo. He then captioned the photo asking why Joong-ki made such promises.

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This was meant as a joke, of course. However, other "Running Man" members decided khổng lồ tease Kwang-soo regarding the post.

On July 5, Lee Kwang-soo"s instagram post showed a photo of song Joong-ki, writing on a rock, "Joong Ki ♥ Kwang Soo (Asian prince) 2015.10.14." Both the actors were filming "Descendants of the Sun" back then, with Lee Kwang-soo appeared only as a small cameo. Kwang-soo"s caption read, "What was all this, then?" Koreaboo noted that Lee Kwang-soo"s post had become viral.

Website Koreaboo notes that the "Running Man" members have targeted the post lớn tease Lee Kwang-soo. Ji Suk-jin"s reply was short & hilarious, saying, "You were just a fling." Kim Jong-kook"s reply didn"t help much either. In fact, Jong-kook made Kwang-soo"s predicament worse by saying, "You just have one more person you must serve now, Kwang Soo... Don"t be so shocked..," indicating that he"ll have lớn serve tuy vậy Hye-kyo now, in addition to tuy vậy Joong-ki.

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Earlier, responding lớn Lee Kwang-soo"s post, a hysterically funny post was made on the Instagram profile "songjoongkionly" showing a bizarre photo of the adult Kwang-soo"s head morphed onto the body of an little girl on tuy vậy Joong-ki"s arms, with tuy vậy Hye-kyo standing just beside him.

Meanwhile, Koreaboo also notes that tuy nhiên Joong-ki and tuy vậy Hye-kyo"s marriage would not be possible if certain laws weren"t scrapped in South Korea. A law as stated under article 809 of the Korean Civil Code was repealed that prevented any Korean person from marrying another with the same surname and ancestral home.

In 1997 courts ruled the law unconstitutional after an estimated 200,000 people within the same clan got married lớn each other. In 2005, amendment to lớn the article passed in 2002, came into effect, only prohibiting marriage between men and women who are closely related. So, SongSong fans have nothing lớn worry about. Lee Kwang-soo can now prepare himself lớn serve them both, as suggested by Kim Jong-kook.