Park Bo Gum And Red Velvet’s Irene Are Called The Legendary Mc Duo Of Weekly Music Show By Netizens


Park Bo Gum's rumoured linkups and dating history

Park Bo-gum is one of the most successful actors of South Korea. He enjoys great popularity. The actor enlisted for his compulsory military training on August 31. However, he left fans with one show which is now creating a huge buzz. He is a part of the popular drama 'Record of Youth' which also stars Byeon Woo-seok, Park So-dam, Shin Ae-ra, Shin Dong-mi, Ha Hee-ra among others. Park Bo-gum plays the role of a model-turned-actor Sa Hye-jun. Fans can't stop falling in love with Park Bo-gum's spectacular performance as Sa Hye-jun. Plus, his chemistry with co-star Park So-dam is also loved by the masses. Previously, Park Bo-gum won hearts with his remarkable performances in Love in the Moonlight, Reply 1988, Encounter, Hello Monster & more. Apart from his ptofessional life, Park Bo-gum's personal life has also always created buzz. He has been linked khổng lồ many celebrities in the past. From Jang Na-ra khổng lồ Red Velvet's Irene, here's a list of stars he has been rumoured lớn be dating over the years.

Bạn đang đọc: Park bo gum and red velvet’s irene are called the legendary mc duo of weekly music show by netizens

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Jang Na-ra

Jang Na-ra and Park Bo-gum's marriage rumours took the internet by storm. The stars starred together in I Remember You. Both Park Bo-gum và Jang Na-ra later denied the dating và marriage rumours.

Jang Na-ra Instagram
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Kim Yoo-jung

Fans still can't get over Kim Yoo-jung & Park Bo-gum's chemistry in Love in the Moonlight. The rumours of these two stars dating began once the show ended.

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The Record of Youth star was even rumoured to be dating Red Velvet's Irene, his former music show co-host in Music Bank. According to Koreaboo, Irene later addressed the rumours và revealed that she was unaware of the news.

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Girls' Generation YoonA

YoonA is one of the popular South Korean singers và actresses. They both took part in Hyori's Bed và Breakfast. Post that, they were rumoured khổng lồ be dating.

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