There was a major shock for fans of Madison Beer và Jack Gilinsky over the weekend when an alleged audio tape of an argument between the two was leaked online. After a tirade against his former girlfriend, Jack was forced to apologize for what many saw as abusive language.

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What Did Jack Say khổng lồ Madison Beer?

There was a #JackGilinskyIsOverParty on Twitter last year after a leaked audio video clip surfaced depicting Jack Gilinsky, 22, calling his former girlfriend, Madison Beer, 20, a “f*cking sl*t”. “The two years layer, it appears this is a really good term, like, really good.

Are Claudia Tihan & Madison Beer Still Friends?

Claudia Tihan & Madison Beer have been friendship buddies since around 2016, posting pictures on social media that often referred to one another as their “soulmates.”. In 2018, the two were last spotted together. But they’re still following each other on Instagram, but they’re not spotted together as much as they used to.

Why Did Jack Gilinsky và Madison Beer Split?

Because they are two years apart, their relationship is criticized. 5 years. Madison heard Jack verbally abuse her in a leaked video. In addition lớn verbally abusing Jack, Madison slapped him. In July 2017, they called it quits after three years together.

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What Did Jack Gilinsky Say?

“I won’t touch you.” he replied. Moving is not in the cards for me. Lớn aggravate you, I am going to stand here & talk to lớn you. A voice (that Gilinsky fans believe khổng lồ be Gilinsky) says, “I’ll tell you what’s up later.”.

Did Claudia Date Madison Beer?

Fans speculated Madison và Claudia were dating in late 2016-early 2017 but this was proven false, d lớn be dating by fans in late 2016-early 2017 but this was proven wrong, and Claudia began dating Jack J. You are all wrong there was plenty of proof, plus Madison said on live stream that she was dating Claudia.

Is Madison Beer Single?

Madison Gilinsky dated Vine star Jack Gilinsky for three years. He was one half of Jack và Jack, a duo that became popular on Vine. Immediately following her breakup with Gilinsky, Madison dated Brooklyn Beckham for a short period.


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