How To Train Your Dragon 4: Release Date, Story, Will It Happen?


Image Credit: IANS Country:United States giới thiệu "How to lớn Train Your Dragon" is undeniably a wonderful animated film that accumulated a huge fan base across the planet và made history in terms of box office records. DreamWorks Animation"s "How khổng lồ Train Your Dragon" is especially popular with children. No wonder animation movie enthusiasts are wondering if How to lớn Train Your rồng 4 is on the cards.

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The franchise lovers are hoping that the success of the third sequel would lead khổng lồ How to Train Your long 4. But there are many reasons why DreamWorks will not go on to lớn work on How to lớn Train Your dragon 4.

DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said earlier that there are three chapters in the story. Moreover, according lớn an old update from Entertainment Weekly, the director Dean DeBlois confirmed the third sequel, "How lớn Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World" would be the last installment in the series.

"We thought about it for a long time & came up with what we think is a bittersweet way to lớn say goodbye lớn these characters, but the right way," DeBlois said in Toronto International Film Festival 2018.

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"You will understand why Hiccup says, as you heard in the trailer, "There were dragons when I was a boy." và by the end of this film, you"ll have answered the question of what could have happened lớn them," he added.

However, the franchise has already gifted two new sequel series, "Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky" và "How to lớn Train Your Dragon: The Nine Realms" that were released on Peacock và Hulu on November 24 và December 23, 2021, respectively.

"Heroes of the Sky" is the direct sequel lớn DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders, which introduced us lớn twins Dak & Leyla, the two children raised by dragons and capable of speaking their language. The series shows the journey of the heroes & the dragons" journey lớn the deep sea, where an ancient thành phố was washed out by the sea.

The Nine Realms is set 1,300 years after the events of How to Train Your Dragon, dragons are now just a legend khổng lồ the modern world. A group of misfit kids, brought to lớn the site by their parents, uncover the truth about dragons và where they"ve been hiding — a secret they must keep to lớn themselves lớn protect what they"ve discovered.

Currently, there are no updates on any film series or sequels from the How lớn Train Your long franchise. We will update the news if creators come with more stories of Hiccup and Toothless. Stay tuned!

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