A Legendary Drama Couple That Many Fans Want To See Their Reunion: Both Are Top Stars In The 2000S, The Male Actor Has Not Been Seen For A Long Time


“Queen of tears” Choi Ji Woo: A secret relationship with actor Song Seung Hun, U50 remains called a monument to Korean beauty

For Korean film audiences within the early 20th century, Choi Ji Woo must be a well-recognized name. The actress is understood because the “Queen of Tears” thanks to the tragic roles she has played.

Bạn đang đọc: A legendary drama couple that many fans want to see their reunion: both are top stars in the 2000s, the male actor has not been seen for a long time

Not only that, Choi Ji Woo is additionally famous for her elegant beauty sort of a white snowflake. The “pearl” of the Korean screen possesses a sweet and loving beauty, she wont to play with many famous male gods such as Bae Yong Joon, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Byung Hun, and Joo Jin Mo…

In addition to the career aura, the private life and love of the gorgeous Choi family is additionally something that consumes lots of ink within the press.

“Queen of tears” with lasting beauty

Choi Ji Woo was born in 1975 in Busan, South Korea. The wonder “Winter Sonata” was studied at the rhythmic gymnastics department of Busan Dance College. only one year later, she turned to the screenland and made her debut with the role in the movie “War and Love”. At that point, her natural and delicate beauty caught the eyes of the many directors and producers. Since then, the wonder surnamed Choi began to receive invitations from many famous film projects.



The actress and Bae Yong Joon in “Winter Sonata”.

The most notable is the movie “Winter Sonata” in 2002. The success of the work has become the “fever” that opened the wave of Korean films spreading everywhere on the planet. together with that, the names of Choi Ji Woo and co-star Bae Yong Joon also followed that “popular like alcohol”.

The beauty received tremendous compliments from the audience for her pure and sweet beauty when transforming into the character Yoo Jin from a high school student to an adult woman. Her role in “Winter Sonata” helped her win the “Best Actress in Korea” award and become an enormous star with an oversized number of fans in Japan, China…

It will be said, “Winter Sonata” is that the turning point that changed Choi Ji Woo’s life. then classic project, she had the chance to act in many other hit movies like Stairway to Heaven, Air City, Can’t Lose, Second 20s, Beautiful Days, Woman with a Suitcase,… Later, generations of young actors became famous, but nobody has been ready to replace that unforgettable image of Choi Ji Woo.


Stairway to Heaven

After becoming a mother, Choi Ji Woo hardly accepts any film projects anymore. Instead, “Queen of Tears” only received some ads and spent most of her time taking care of and twiddling with her daughter. On her personal page, Choi Ji Woo also often shares lovely pictures of her little daughter.


When staying with her young daughter, the beauty is both playful and youthful.

In addition, the actress also often shares beautiful and youthful images of U50 on her personal page. the graceful white skin and soft lines on Choi Ji Woo’s face at the age of U50 seem to be unaffected by time. Even the wonder of the surname Choi was voted joined by the foremost beautiful women in Korea.


The beauty is still beautiful and young in U50

Secret romance with actor Song Seung Hun

Many years ago, when talking about her life, Choi Ji Woo once confided: “I am a lonely person”. Since entering showbiz, Choi Ji Woo has publicly dated twice, but the last item she received was unfinished.

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In the early years of his career, Choi Ji Woo had a secret 3-year romance with the handsome “Autumn in My Heart” Song Seung Hun. At that point, nobody knew about Choi Ji Woo or Song Seung Hun. they’re all rookies within the industry.

There was no showbiz market, no competition or busywork, therefore the couple’s childhood love was both romantic and pure. Only later when the dating information was revealed, the audience was extremely surprised and jealous of them. Because in terms of both beauty and talent, Choi Ji Woo and Song Seung Hun are both “extreme” products of the land of Kim Chi.


Kbiz’s unfortunate couple – Song Seung Hun and Choi Ji Woo

However, the foremost regrettable thing is that after 3 years of dating, Song Seung Hun and Choi Ji Woo decided to interrupt in 1999. They understand that entering the industry, it’s impossible to be greedy for both a career and a career. love. That’s why they chose to interrupt up, and at the identical time give one another the chance to develop themselves.


The decision made that day by Song Seung Hun and Choi Ji Woo gave them the chance to develop both. A year after ending, Song Seung Hun became a sought-after star because of “Autumn in My Heart”. After 2 years, Choi Ji Woo reached success because of “Winter Sonata”. After meeting again, Choi Ji Woo and Song Seung Hun are both A-list stars in showbiz. Young love becomes a good-looking, quiet memory that they confine secret. It is often said that while they broke up, once they met again, they were still very happy and comfy like close friends.


9 years after ending with Song Seung Hun, Choi Ji Woo’s heart was once more touched by a person 6 years younger than him. When Choi Ji Woo and actor Lee Jin Wook, who is 6 years younger than his co-star in the movie “Air City”, are officially together, they also hope that their love story will bear fruit, but what they receive is criticism and discussion from the public.


Lee Jin Wook and the beauty

This time, the beauty “Stairway to Heaven” once again gave up her love because of public pressure. Choi Ji Woo heartbroken shared, “I’m very lonely these days and want to be loved. I don’t mind if that guy works in the entertainment industry but I never want to make my private relationship public. once again”.

In 2018, the beauty surnamed Choi suddenly announced her marriage with just a status line on her personal page: “I got married on March 29, 2018, to a person with whom I want to start a new life. We have a private wedding with close family members. I will start a happy family with the person I love, and we will always respect each other.” Accompanying her letter to her fan, she also shared more photos of herself in the bride’s wedding dress.


It is known that the husband of the beauty “Winter Sonata” is 9 years younger than his wife, an information technology expert. In December 2019, Choi Ji Woo’s agency announced that the actress was pregnant with her first child. In May 2020, she officially announced the birth of her first daughter.

Currently, at the age of 47, the beauty has her own happy little family. For a time, Choi Ji Woo’s image was affected more or less by rumors about her young husband’s work as a male escort. However, everything calmed down after Choi Ji Woo’s side decided to keep quiet and did not respond. After those noises, Choi Ji Woo is now more comfortable sharing pictures of her personal life on her personal page.

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