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Cast members of the first half of 'Law of the Jungle in New Caledonia' flew off khổng lồ their adventures on the early morning of May 26!

The first half members of this upcoming season include chief Kim Byung Man, Girls' Generation's Yuri, Kim Young Kwang, Yoon Park, Hong Suk Chun, Heo Kyung Hwan, và ASTRO's Eun Woo.

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Before boarding the plane, ASTRO's Eun Woo said to lớn the press, "It's my first time taking on a variety program, so I'm nervous and pressured, but I'm also excited and looking forward to lớn it. I'll bởi vì my best lớn show viewers a cheery, joyful representative of ASTRO."

Actor Hong Suk Chun also took to Instagram lớn upload a photo taken with part of the cast before flight, sharing, "We're leaving now. We'll return with good health. I'm overjoyed to be with kind và charismatic dongsaengs. Even if it'll be difficult, excitement still seems to be on our heads.

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I'll leave a clean picture while I still can. Please cheer for us... Heo Kyung Hwan và Yoon Park are already on the plane hehe."

Tune in lớn 'Laws of the Jungle in New Caledonia' some time in mid-July!

( posted by Hong Suk Chun of him with Eunwoo, Kim Young Kwang, Kim Byung Man, và SNSD's Yuri. And ( taken with Heo Kyung Hwan.

( taken by TV Daily with the titles (in order) <"nervous first appearance for the jungle"> (, <"respectful hands during interview"> (, <"sniping women's hearts with half-moon smile"> ( & <"light mochi skin shines even at dawn"> ( cringe

Now the fantakens...I'd just lượt thích to preface this by saying that it took a toll on me going down my Twitter feed & seeing all of these previews of fantaken photos of him. Because even unedited how does he manage khổng lồ look so good? I am managing to lớn type this out because I have regained my composure. I will most likely add more stuff to lớn this post once the processed photos are released.

HQ videos:

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Eunwoo is now headed out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Who else is excited for this show?!

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