Celebrity Husbands Who Are Known To Be Hopeless Romantics

Marriage, lượt thích any long-term relationship, has its ups và downs, but these celebrity husbands keep things sweet at home with their well-earned reputations for being hopeless romantics.

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Whether it’s surprising their partners with sweet gifts or stepping up their responsibilities at trang chủ and with their families, these celebrities are serious #husbandgoals for the rest of us.

Cha Tae Hyun

In addition to lớn being a talented actor, a former heartthrob, và an outstanding variety star, one thing everyone knows about phụ thân Tae Hyun is that he married his first love. He & his wife, Choi Suk Eun, started dating in high school và despite breaking up và getting back together several times, got married in 2006. He is known lớn be a stellar father to lớn their three children.

Ahn Jae Hyun

The world was taken by surprise when Ahn Jae Hyun & Ku Hye Sun announced their relationship, after having met on the phối of the drama “Blood,” và their subsequent marriage. But the two actors soon became #couplegoals after it became obvious that Ahn Jae Hyun was the definition of hopeless romantic.

The couple charmed audiences with their appearance on “Newlywed Diary” & Ahn Jae Hyun frequently plans little gifts for his wife such as custom-designed jewelry, flowers, và more. He has previously stated that his life goal was khổng lồ become a good husband và father & frequently mentions his wife (to the point of speechlessness on the part of his fellow cast members) on “New Journey to lớn the West.”


Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot in 2017, had their first child later that year, & recently announced her pregnancy with their second child. Rain has always been vocal about his love for Kim Tae Hee while they were dating, saying, “I love her very much và want to lớn cherish her.” He also dedicated his song, “The Best Present,” to lớn her to lớn show how much he loved her through his music.

Recently, he touched hearts with his confession that he did not want khổng lồ talk about his family on air anymore, as it often led to lớn trouble down the road. He has decided khổng lồ separate his work and family life in order to protect their young child.

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Ki Tae Young

Ki Tae Young showed himself khổng lồ be a valuable addition to lớn the #husbandgoals squad when he appeared on “The Return of Superman” with his wife Eugene và his daughter Rohee.

After leaving the show, the actor talked about his incredibly lãng mạn proposal (which moved his wife lớn tears) & the couple welcomed their second child back in August last year. The couple recently appeared on a travel variety show in which they returned khổng lồ their honeymoon spot, Paris.

Lee thanh lịch Soon

Lee Hyori & Lee lịch sự Soon captivated people with their realistic, down-to-earth marriage on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay.” When Lee Hyori asked him, “What would you do if I suddenly disappeared?” và he said sincerely, “If it’s your heart that’s gone away, then there’s nothing I can do, & if you died, then I’d just have to follow you.”

Ji Sung

Photo Credit: Xportsnews

It is a well-known story that when Lee Bo Young told Ji Sung that she did not want to date another celebrity, he offered to lớn give up his career for her. Fortunately, the two actors now nói qua a happy marriage and flourishing independent careers and two young children. In an interview, Ji Sung was asked when he felt the happiest & he said, “When I wake up in the morning with my wife and daughter.” (The interview was before their son was born last month.)

In Gyo Jin

In Gyo Jin first entertained audiences as a doting but helpless father to his baby Ha Eun on “The Return of Superman.” He soon gained a reputation for being a caring husband who understands his wife, So Yi Hyun, và became much better at parenting as time went on. The couple welcomed their second daughter back in 2017 & are currently appearing on the SBS show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2.”

He has previously boasted that he married well and frequently calls his marriage to lớn So Yi Hyun “a gift from God.”

Kim Jae Woo

Comedian Kim Jae Woo doesn’t thảm bại out to lớn the actors on this danh mục in terms of husbandly affection! He frequently expresses his love for his wife on Instagram and experienced sympathetic morning sickness when she was pregnant. When she told him that her bucket menu included living on Jeju Island for a month, he moved to Jeju Island to help her achieve her dream.

Tiger JK

A rapper with a tough-guy image when he’s on the stage, Tiger JK is known to lớn be a devoted and affectionate husband off-stage. He & Yoon Mirae are often referred to lớn as the “hip-hop couple” và have both individually và together made their marks on the Korean hip-hop scene. Despite some difficulties along the way, including struggling music careers, their relationship has always stayed strong. Famously, they appeared on “Running Man,” where they actually had a fight but had a sweet make-up moment on air.

Jinusean’s Sean

Sean is known lớn be the gold standard for all fathers, having notably once appeared on “The Return of Superman” running a marathon with his four children in tow. He frequently expresses his love for his wife Jung Hye Young on air and on social truyền thông and the two often give back to lớn the community together in meaningful ways.